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Project Description

Armonia Orchid Garden

A truly unique private ecoproject to rescue and keep species of orchids, all native to the area of Mindo! In this garden you will find a collection of wild species that are at risk by human activity. The founders and owners strive ecological awareness and environmental education. With your visit you support the initiative.

Equador has around 4,500 species of orchids. 1 Out of 4 plants is an orchid, while else in the world just 1 out of 10 will be of this delighted species. Your stay in Equador is not complete without a visit to Armonia Orchid Garden.

In the garden you will find approximately 250 species of orchids. The purpose is to grow and reproduce them. They are as well being planted in a forest owned by the initiators. This is done with the purpose of demonstration, teaching and research. While enjoying the garden you will also observe hummingbirds.

Approximate length: 40 min.

Price per person: $ 3.00 dollars.

Stay in Armonia Lodge and enjoy the Orchid Garden for free while also seeing Hummingbirds at breakfast!


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