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Project Description


An incredible adventure sport: hiking, water and adrenaline. Descend the waterfalls by using the essential equipment of climbing: harness, helmet, gloves, comfortable clothes for walking and closed shoes.

There are 3 different options from which to choose:

Option A: 25-15-12 meters

Option B: 40-15-10 meters

Option C: 45 meters

Between the waterfalls there are short walks following the water flow. The waterlevel depends on the time of year.

It is necessary to travel by taxi. After your taxiride, take a short walk of 25 minutes, during which you can see the flora and local landscape.

Approximate duration: 1h30 – 2h00

Cost per person: $ 15 dollars + transportation (minimum 2 pax)

Location: 3 kilometers from Armonia Lodge


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