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Cabañas Armonia y Jardin de Orquideas

Welcome to Mindo

The name of Mindo is believed to come from the word “mindaláes” that according to the writings of the researcher Frank Salomón described the merchants (merchants) of the pre-Inca time that even inhabited this region, it follows that the name of Mindo comes from this historical fact.

The Parroquia de Mindo, one of the oldest in the region, is located north-west of the province of Pichincha. By the old route Nono – Tandayapa – Mindo today known as the Eco-route “El Paseo del Quinde” special for the observation of birds and nature. And for the current Middle of the World, Calacalí, Independence 78 km to the Y of Mindo, and from there 6 km to the town.


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Activities to be done in Mindo


It is an adventure activity that takes approximately 1H20m`. Initially, the necessary equipment is provided and appropriate instructions will be given,

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In this activity of refreshing adventure you will be given the necessary instructions on how to act, what to do and what not to do, in addition to providing all the equipment

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 Bird watching

In this tour we can observe several types of birds typical of the Mindo area, in the middle of the cloud forest of Mindo

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Cabañas Armonia

It is a small family business, identified with the struggle for the conservation of nature

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