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Garden of Orchids

Guided tour in the garden of orchids.

We offer a guided tour in the garden of orchids. The tour will take approximately 20 minutes. During this tour you will see about 35 to 60 species of orchids in bloom. Some of them are seen by a  magnifying glass. At the end of the tour you have the ability to observe colibris and other bird species. We have feeders that attract the birds. There is a very good change you will see more then one.

With our private collection we aim to rescue and keep species of orchids which have been threatened by the action of human beings. We protect, grow, and reproduce them. This is done for purposes of conservation, demonstration, teaching and research. In our collection we strive to provide an educational value. We have the Epidendrum, Dracula, masdevallia, vanilla, pleurothallis, Ada, anguloa, Gongora, oncidium, huntleya, and much more.

The land of the orchids.

In Ecuador we have approximately 4500 species of orcids. One out of 4 plants that we see is an Orchid. Compare this to the rest of the world; one out of 10 will be an orchid. This is why Ecuador is considered the country of orchids. The term Orchid comes from the word orchis meaning testis. The ancient Greeks gave this name based on the appearance of the thickened bulbs.

The variety of shapes, colors and sizes have sparked a great interest of the human being. The flower is the more attractive part of these plants. One of his petals, usually located in the middle, is different and larger then the others. It is called labelo or lip. The pollen is sticky, which is an advantage because it disperses not with the wind, but by insects or birds. To attract them the plants take many shapes, colors and aromas; this is why they are also known as teachers deception.

Orchids Gallery

Other flower species that you can admire

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