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Project Description

Birdwatching at TANDAYAPA

Bellavista – tandayapa is an excellent place to experience the wonder of the mixture of bird species both Andean and tropical. Here there are endemic species, like tanager Finch, gorgeted sunangel, giant antpitta, swallow tailed nightjar, Jays, bananaquit and white faced Nunbirds. This place is great because you can see the plate billed Mountain Toucan, Toucan barbet and an incredible amount of hummingbirds.

Includes: expert guide, all the necessary equipment; telescope, binoculars, pointer and field guide, transportation, entry to bellavista, and fruit lunches.

Additional: Alambi Reserve (recommended snacks/lunch not included).

Tour starts: 5h00am

Duration: full day

Location: 33 km from Armenia Lodge

Costs 1 Pax: $ 204.00, 2 Pax: $ 216.00, 3 Pax: $ 228.00, 4 Pax: $ 240.00

Reserve your tour at the reception!

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